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Deitchman & Deitchman is a family-owned and operated personal injury attorney office located in the heart of Placerville, California in El Dorado County. Our law office represents wrongfully injured members of our community.  We help victims enforce their constitutional rights and get their lives back on track.

Your recovery may be in the form of money damages to compensate you for your injuries. Every person who suffers detriment from the unlawful act or omission of another may recover from the person in fault a compensation therefor in money, which is called damages (California Civil Code Section 3281). The measure of damages is the amount which will compensate for all the detriment whether anticipated or not (California Civil Code Section 3333).

Your personal injury claim may be resolved through an out-of-court settlement. If the wrongdoer and his/her insurance company refuses to take full responsibility for all the harms and losses he/she caused you, we are prepared to take your case to trial.

We are here to help you in Placerville, California and surrounding communities in El Dorado County.

We are 100% dedicated to our clients.  We will explain your rights, the legal process, the attorney's role in easy and understandable language. We give all our clients excellent personal service and strive for the best possible recovery. If there is no recovery, there is NO FEE.

When you need a Personal Injury Attorney in Placerville, California or find yourself in need of a Criminal Defense Attorney, call Dietchman & Deitchman for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your personal injury or criminal case. We are located in Placerville at 2692 Coloma Street.

William A. Deitchman, Attorney at Law - Personal Injury Attorney Placerville California
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